Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Small Town Reuben

This will be my first savoury post and hopefully not the only one....

So living in a small town, with less than spectacular restaurants, it's a good thing my husband and I can cook up the things we crave with pretty good results.

Lately, I've been craving my most favourite sandwich in the world - The Reuben! Dark rye bread, with smoked meat, sauerkraut, Swiss cheese and delicious Russian dressing all toasty and melty. I've had a few Reubens in town, and they've been greasy disappointments and so have had to make my own and since they're easy, peasy it's not such a hardship.

First, you gather the ingredients, but can't get the authentic ingredients because you live in a small town:

so you modify them to what you can find:

light rye instead of dark

pastrami instead of smoked meat

and Kraft Thousand Island instead of Russian, but to be honest, we should have made our own to be more authentic...

Then you pull out your panini press so you avoid the afore mentioned greasiness.

Build your sandwich. In my opinion, you NEED one slice of cheese for each piece of bread because it holds everything together.

Grill til melted.

Cut in half - exposing delicious melted cheese.


We had these sandwiches 2 weeks ago, but as I was uploading the pics yesterday, I got my craving all over again and we had them for dinner again last night. All hail the power of the Reuben!!!!

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