Sunday, March 8, 2009

Rebel, rebel

Thank you to anyone and everyone who voted for me and my cupcake -I really appreciate it. I didn't win any prizes, but it was fun anyway. March's creation has to involve nuts and or seeds, so I'm thinking of lots of possibilities....

So it's Sunday afternoon and I'm getting ready to prepare my Tuesdays with Dorie recipe, when I decide to check the site and see what suggestions are coming from those who have already made the custard chosen for this week. When lo and behold -I'VE BEEN KICKED OUT OF THE GROUP!

I didn't post last week, which makes 2 weeks in a row, which makes me a Dorie loser, and gets me kicked out of the group. HA HA HA. The shame! Oh the terrible shame!
Oh well I'm over it and soon I'll find a group, a better group, a more forgiving group that realizes that sometimes life gets in the way of preparing a freakin' dessert.... So long Tuesdays with Dorie - nice knowing you.

(Some chocolate cakes I've made recently.)


  1. Awww....gosh, I'm so sorry! Hopefully you will still follow along and make some of the recipes. You could always post them subversively, maybe on Wednesdays? LOL.

  2. great suggestion Jennifer - maybe I will, maybe I will...

  3. Do you remember Groucho Marx's famous remark after he was finally invited to join some famous club: I wouldn't want to be a part of any club that would have me as a member! If there are such stringent rules, with no exceptions being made for life intervening, it doesn't sound all that great to be a part of it.