Tuesday, February 3, 2009

TWD - World Peace Cookies - A Story

Once upon a time, long, long ago, there lived a horrible band of PIRATES! Their sole purpose was wreck havoc upon those less fortunate.

They would roam the seas, looking for thinks to steal and people to enslave.

One day they happened upon an island where gentle, industrious folk were going about their business. The pirates were intrigued and came ashore, looking to take over...

The island folk were terrified and hid together in the shelter of what they produced...cookies. These folk had been making these cookies for centuries without any influence from the outside world. These cookies made them happy and peaceful and they called them, peace cookies.

The pirates figured they could make a fortune selling these cookies and made plans to make the island folk their slaves, producing these cookies. The pirates could then sell them to countries worldwide, who would then become peaceful. As the countries were lulled into a false sense of security, the pirates could swoop in and loot every country in the world!!!! Muahhaaa, muahhhaaa, muahaaaa!

Their dastardly plot was flawless....until. they. ate. a. cookie...

Suddenly, they were overcome with feelings they had never had before...what the $%#@? They felt calm and suddenly no one could remember the evil plot. These cookies were THAT GOOD!!!

But pirates, being pirates, suggested a few small changes...perhaps, just perhaps, we could add Amaretto instead of vanilla? "We don't see why not" said the island folk.

"And perhaps, we could add some milk chocolate chips too?" Why not? replied the island folk. And so it came to pass.

Peace was restored to the island once again.

The pirates decided to sail the world looking for countries in need of peace, with the now renamed - World Peace Cookies and they really didn't have to go too far. Instead of selling them - they just gave them - in the spirit of world peace. They expected nothing in return except some peace and happiness and maybe, just maybe a little less conflict in the world.


Please try baking your own World Peace Cookies -You can find this recipe here on Jessica's blog "cookbook habit".


  1. OH MY GOSH!

    I love the story and the pics!!! WICKED COOL!

  2. LOL love the action figures!! Your cookies came out great.

  3. Fantastic. Where did you get the pirates and ship? You are very good at this.

  4. Aww.. what a cute post with great photos! I hope you enjoyed the cookies, too.

  5. Okay...this post wins for most entertaining! Great job.

  6. Favorite blog of the week.....my sons are very jealous of the pirate action figures!
    Mary, www.popsiclesandsandyfeet.blogspot.com

  7. You are tooooo funny, girl. And cookies look good too.

  8. Hahahahahah stop! I am crying from laughing! I can't get over all of the guys standing around the bottle of alcohol! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH

  9. OMG>>>>>>.I'm laughing and can't type. LOVE the story. Your cookies look great too!