Friday, July 17, 2009


I would like to thank everyone for the condolences for Tessa, Maizee and my Mom. I've come to realize just how special my friends are, but also how truly compassionate people you don't even "know" are. I am so very lucky to have these connections in my life and thank everyone for making the world a much smaller place!

So it is with some excitement that I present Bella:

We had decided to get Bella, to help Maizee through Tessa's death, but sadly Maizee died the night we brought Bella home. I think they would've been terrific friends, but for Maizee there was no replacement for Tessa. I think she left once she knew Bella was here to look after us.

Honestly, if we hadn't brought Bella home, and Maizee had died anyway, I think I'd still be in bed mourning for my girls. She has given me a reason to get up and on with the day and see our surroundings through new eyes. Bella is a bouncing bean and very, very busy - exactly what we need right now.

Her birthday was this week and Bella is now 7 years old, but most people we meet seem to think she's still a puppy. She is silly, pretty, athletic, friendly and just soooo lovely. Yes, I'm love and so is Doug. We're so lucky to have this lady in our house and I think we all realize it. Welcome Bella - let's have many, many years together....


  1. That is the cutest dog ever....congrats to you!

  2. thanks Mary, we think so too!

  3. can relate with your post on how emotional our pets can be.. we have one whom we adore so much too and treated him like our youngest baby :) i have fotos of Sushi in my blog.

  4. Cute dogs. ;-) I miss our dog. We just lost ours.